Almost the end

24 08 2013

Le Ride Stage 16 from Pontarlier to Belfort. The city of Pontarlier threw us an amazing send off party with local cyclists, politicians, and Olympic gold medalist Vincent Defrasne showing up. It was our shortest ride to date at 75 miles which left us time at the end of the day to be inspired watching Vincent’s big win.


Le Ride Stage 17 from Belfort to Strasbourg. We were excited today because our 100 mile jaunt looked all downhill on the profile . Unfortunately, the profile did not show the headwind all day. We had a great mid day break in Colmar looking for sites the riders went past in 1928. The landscape has changed to flat, farming areas and the architecture looks much more like Germany here.


Le Ride Stage 18 from Strasbourg to Metz. We ran into some men with guns and badges today. Thankfully, we have one of their kin traveling with us. An otherwise in uneventful day thru the corn fields of France.


Le Ride Stage 20, 170 miles from Charlesville to Dunkirk. Mother Nature decided to throw the kitchen sink at us with wind and rain, but we stayed strong and upright. No pictures of the day’s events so I figured I would share one from a few days ago. More cowbell!


Le Ride Stage 21 from Dunkirk (pictured) to Dieppe. We had some senioritis today and the enthusiasm was low. We crawled our way thru 100+ miles with a couple of naps on the side of the road.





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