Maybe I will catch up by the end!

5 08 2013
Le Ride Day 4, Dinan to Brest. We woke this morning feeling like we treated our bodies like rental cars for the last 3 days. Today we rode 133 miles due west with a 15 mph headwind due east for 130 miles. The “rolling” terrain added up to more than 6000 feet of climbing. 
Le Ride Day 5: Brest to Nannes. In a common theme, our planned 120 mile day with 3000 feet of climbing became 130+ miles and over 6000 feet of climbing. Totals so far … 5 days, over 600 miles and close to 20000 feet of climbing, and we haven’t reached the mountains yet. When the going gets tough, I remember I am spending hours looking at  beautiful views.
Le Ride Day 6: Vannes to Les Sables D’Olonne. 130+ miles. I am not sure the exact amount as our GPSs got water logged in a downpour and stopped. We left the crew behind and enjoyed light pressure on the pedals and little headwind to save our legs for our 180 mile day tomorrow.
We made it! Le Ride Day 7 from Le Sables d’Olonne to Bordeaux. We had to deal with headwinds for hours that were ripping large limbs from trees and uprooting others, but pulled through and got here around midnight. It is weird that over 170 miles did not feel horribly demanding physically (mentally, there are definitely highs and lows), Tomorrow we are off to Hendaye which will put our mileage over 1000 miles in 8 days.
Le Ride Day 8 from Bordeaux to Hendaye: it only took my body 20 miles to say “enough is enough”. I felt weary, hungry, and lacking motivation to push through more headwinds. So we stopped. And ate, and ate some more. I had a little conversation with body and convinced it to carry on. I slowly began to feel better and shortly after midnight, we finished 143 more miles. A much deserved rest day has begun before we head into the Pyrenees tomorrow.



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