You win some, you lose some, and sometimes, you just survive some

23 07 2013

Today we started Le Ride, our 3500 mile adventure around France, covering the same route as the 1928 Tour de France.  Challenge should have been the word du jour.  We started around 10 am at the exact location that they did in 1928.  What started as amazing as we rode down the cobbled Avenue des Champs Elysees and past the Arc de Triumph, quickly fell apart.  About two miles into the ride, Phil noticed that his handlebars were moving.  It turned out that his stem was cracking.  He decided to soldier on however.  Navigational issues were the theme of the day.  It took us nearly 5 hours just to make it 20 miles outside of Paris.  There was far more standing around in 95+ degree heat than riding.  From there it gradually improved although there continued to be many stops to check the integrity of Phil’s stem, reinforce it with whatever we had, and check maps.  I wanted to quit multiple times as I went thru a few big lows in energy and focus.  As day became night, we began to feel invigorated. We were able to cover the last 60 miles in a little over 3 hours.  We arrived at our hotel at 12:45 this morning, nearly 15 hours after we left Paris.




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