Baby Zahli

27 06 2012

A long overdue post. Two and a half weeks ago baby Zahli Louise graced us with her arrival.  After an uneventful pregnancy for Julie including swimming on the day that she went into labor, Zahli decided to make things a little difficult.  Julie’s intention was to give birth naturally.  Our plan was to wait as long as possible to go to the hospital in order to make this happen.  Although we were told to go to the hospital when her contractions were 5 minutes apart, we waited until they were 3.5 – 4 minutes apart for over an hour.  When we got to the hospital, Julie was only 3 cm dilated.  They decided to observe her for a couple of hours before making a decision to admit her or not.  After a couple of hours, nothing had progressed but since she was beyond her due date and in active labor they decided to let her stay.  We arrived at 11:30 pm on Thursday night.  We spent the night working thru the contractions.  We tried to use the breathing skills we learned in hypnobirthing classes.  We were an amazing team all night.  At about 6 in the morning, they came in for another measurement.  With all the pain that Julie had gone thru we were sure it was going to be good news.  Sadly she had only progressed to 4-5 cm.  They continued to observe, but since her water had not broken the plan was to have the doctor come in around noon to break it and get labor to progress.  After having her water broken, she progressed to only 6 cm.  After 2 hours there was no change, so they started pitocin to progress her labor.  At this point the pain magnified.  Julie was a tough customer, but it was so difficult to be there for her in so much pain.  After an hour of blood curdling screaming, Julie decided that she would have an epidural.  The problem was that the anesthesiologist had just gone into surgery and would not be available for ~45 minutes.  Julie went thru the roof with this news.  Somehow, with the help of one of the nurses, we got her thru the 45 minutes and she got the epidural.  She was finally able to rest, but sadly, after a couple of hours, she was still only at 6 cm.  After over 24 hours of labor and no significant change in 12 hours, the doctor suggested a c section.  This wasthe worst news we could hear.  It was the complete opposite of anything we had planned.  After some soul searching and discussion, we decided to go thru with it.  With an amazing team working, Zahli was delivered and quickly in my arms while Julie was stitched back up.  A healthy baby girl, 7 lbs, 1 oz.  We hope she does not act this ornery the rest of her life.





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27 06 2012
Susan Masero

Congratulations to you all! She is beautiful! (and you are right about it being overdue – I got worried and finally called Cindy to make sure all was well!)

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