Baby Room

1 06 2012

My first thought when Julie suggested a theme for the baby room was, “I grew up with wood paneled walls and turned out ok.”  Like many discussions that have happened throughout this pregnancy, her 2 votes outweighed my 1.  We decided on an undersea theme and off we went.  As the baby room did not have doors the first chore was figuring out what to do for them.  Since the room was long and narrow, the best option would have been pocket doors.  Due to lack of time to tear things apart, we decided on barn doors. I found some examples online and off to Home Depot I went.  By some stroke of magic my creations worked.  In order to keep the under sea theme as intact as possible I got wide, flat doors so that when they were closed they would completely cover the moulding and could be painted to match the surroundings.  After a beginning in which I was not so enthusiastic about a room theme, I attacked the project with gusto and it is now coming together.  We still have many fish, shells, and other undersea items to add, but here is a preview of what has happened so far.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage




One response

5 06 2012

Love it, love it!!!

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