There are reasons

1 05 2009

My portion of this ride ended in Denver.  It was a sad day as I really wanted to stay on and continue with the journey, but as the cliche says, “Everything happens for a reason.”  When Julie and I arrived home on Sunday there was an email waiting for us.  The title was Derek 911.  Our friend Derek had been under treatment for Lymphoma since October and had finally gone home.  His numbers looked good after 8 bouts of chemotherapy … but something changed.  In that email from Lisa was information that Derek had relapsed and the doctors gave him less than a week to live.  Julie and I were able to go to the hospital on Monday night to be with Derek and many of our friends.  Derek was heavily sedated, but was able to open his eyes briefly and recognized us.  We had our time to tell him that we loved him.  He died the following night, 2 weeks short of his 42nd birthday.  He was unaware of his fate as things moved quickly and he was never coherent enough for the doctors or his family to give him his prognosis.  On the Monday that we saw him he stated to those around him that it was the best day ever, having all his friends stop by (over 100).  I can accept that he went peacefully.  Not finishing the ride allowed me to be with Derek at the end.  It also allowed me to mourn with my friends at his celebration of life.  These were two events that I would not have missed … maybe it all happened for a reason.




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