ain’t over ’til it’s over

11 04 2009

Just when I thought I was done with this adventure, a little addition was added.  Julie and I decided to ride the beginning of the ride with Phil this morning from Aurora, Colorado.  There was a huge group of hearty souls who had been waiting in the rain for over an hour … not by choice, but because we were unable to get the airstream attached due to a wiring problem.  Luckily, Scottie the camera man (AKA McGyver) figured out how to hot wire it using a modified extension cord that I got to hold against the car battery.  As has been the case all along, the weather decided to break right as we headed out.  I was feeling pretty emotional and was choking back a few tears as we rode along.  Julie and I decided to turn around at the 5 mile point as we had 25 miles or so to get us back to Denver.  This was the point that the flood gates opened.  No, I am not talking about pouring down rain, but my eyes.  I started crying like a little girl who got her Barbie stolen (or little boy who got his favorite toy truck stolen).  I think all of the emotions of the last 2 weeks decided to come out as I realized that the journey was over for me.  On Monday it is back to the “real world”, but I will cherish the memories of this trip into the REAL world.




2 responses

11 04 2009

you have taken us all out of the “real world” for the last two weeks thanks for the trip

15 04 2009
Sue McGough

Congrats… it has been wonderful following your trip!!! We’ll stay with Phil and look forward to seeing you at the end in NY!!!

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