What I learned on this trip

10 04 2009

1.  We live in a beautiful country

2.  Never underestimate the generosity of people

3.  If we open our minds and hearts, there is an abundance of love to give and receive

4.  Slow down, the good things in life are often missed my moving too quickly

5.  Spend more time focussing on the good things in the world and not the bad

6. As difficult as life may seem at times, there are many more who are worse off

7. Smile, wave, make eye contact, and say hello to strangers … you never know who you might meet!

8.  Face your fears (one of Phil’s No Opportunity Wasted themes), there is a lot to learn while being vulnerable

Thanks to all who have followed my journey, but it does not end here.  I plan to rejoin Phil in a couple of weeks as well as for the finale into NYC and will report back then.




3 responses

10 04 2009
Tami Randolph

Im so glad that you will get to rejoin him on the journey! Way to go!

11 04 2009

WOW!!!!! What a trip. I have been bragging about you and your adventures to all my customers. I’m proud of you. Keep on riding..

16 04 2009
Bill Daly

Well said, Ben! I had forgotten how experiences like this have the capacity to change people’s view of the world.

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