Into thin air

8 04 2009

Today’s route was going to take us from Sauguache to Fairplay (formerly known as South Park).  We had a lot of climbing to do as we were going to be sleeping at 9900 feet tonight.  Luckily, Star set us up with a delicious breakfast buffet before leaving.  We started in the historic downtown where the local school children showed up.  They chalked the street with good luck messages and pictures.  It was fun talking to these kids in the town of less than 600.  As I was walking past one, he grabbed my attention to show me the horse he had drawn.  He explained that he broke horses.  He could not have been more than 10, so I asked for clarification, “You take wild horses and make them tame?”  “Yep” he replied and continued to say he rode them bareback.  Another youngster introduced his 2 nieces who were his same age.  They were all quite cute and sent us off with a countdown from 10.  Knowing that today would be difficult, Phil’s wife Louise and I decided to play road trip games.  It started with what character would each of the crew be in an old Western town.  Then we played the alphabet game finding letters on signs.  We played this one going thru a very small town and only got to M before we were on the open road again.  The last 8 miles seemed like forever as we could not see anything that resembled a town in the distance.  We started wondering if we were going the wrong way.  Louise was losing it a bit and I was pushing her up the hills trying to keep her mind off the fact that we were not to Fairplay yet.  We sang songs about how we hate Fairplay and all of a sudden began giggling hysterically.  I don’t know if it was fatigue or the long exposure to high altitude, but neither of us could keep a straight face.  Luckily, we came over the last hill and saw the town.  It was quite a relief as the temperature had fallen into the 20’s.  We quickly checked in then jumped into the hot tube to defrost.  The end is now in sight with tomorrow’s adventure to Denver pending.




One response

12 04 2009
Louise keoghan

My God, I completely lost it. I was laughing hysterically. I have never laughed so much on a bike before. Hard to keep your balance but a great distraction from the misery of the last 20 cold long miles. Not sure I like endurance riding, but good for my training.

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