Wolf Creek Pass

7 04 2009

For the last week, people have been asking us if we were going to be going over Wolf Creek Pass on our way thru Colorado.  Every time they asked they either made a funny face or laughed.  We have not looked more than a day ahead in our travels so we had no idea if we were or not.  Yesterday we found out we were.  The top of Wolf Creek is over 10000 feet high and is part of the continental divide.  A week ago it was covered with 24 inches of snow (which may be why we got the snickers from the people we met).  Pagosa Springs came out in force again.  The day started with a pancake breakfast with all the proceeds going to the MS Society.  We then started our ride lead by over 30 members of the Wolf Creek Wheel Club.  The climb was amazing.  The town arranged for Scott, the camera man, to go up in the LifeFlite helicopter to get video of us going up the climb.  It was a great ride up.  When we summited, there were about 25 town members there.  They had set up a finishing map like the one on the Amazing Race and presented Phil with a check for over $2000 that was raised that morning for MS.  They also brought champagne to celebrate.  It was hard to leave as we had just had a magnificent 18 h0urs in the little town that could.  The rest of the ride was mostly downhill into the town of Sauguache (pronounced Saw Watch).  We ended up at the home of Star who has a wellness center and bed and breakfast that we were to stay at.  The town has only 550 or so people, but we arrived to a full buffet of great food, all brought by the people of the town.  Again, I continue to be amazed by the generosity and kindness of the people that we meet on the road.  Two more days and the journey ends for me.




One response

9 04 2009
Mike B

Thanks for the updates Ben. It’s been a pleasure traveling with you virtually.

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