Navajo Snow

4 04 2009

After getting some proper rest I was looking forward to our journey into the Navajo Nation today. Again, we had a nice send off from the Page High School drum line. We only had one guest today, a triathlete from Phoenix named Geo. One lesson I have learned so far in this journey is that I will never know what each day will bring. I guess this is true of life in general, but has been more readily apparent on this ride. The day started sunny, but a chilly 43 degrees. We were told there was nothing between Page and Kayenta and to be prepared for that. I would disagree with that as we had another day of beautiful scenery and amazing rock formations. About 20 miles into the ride I saw a guy walking along the side of the road. I told Phil that we should pull over and offer him a NOW One Square Meal (a bar that Phil is supporting). We found out that his name was Jonathan and that he was hitch hiking to his home from Page. Apparently this is how he gets to and from Page. He was Navajo and gave us a little story about the area. He was still 15 miles from home, so we offered him a ride in the vehicle that was following us. Just before getting to where we were going to drop him off, a car pulled up behind us and stopped. Out jumped our wives as well as our friend Abigail. They had flown in from LA and are going to be riding with us until Denver. As the day progressed we found ourselves getting hungry, but knew there were no restaurants until we reached town. Luckily as we were about 30 miles out we saw some people on the side of the road with a barbeque sign out. We stopped over and there was a Navajo family cooking ribs, beans, and fried bread. It was my first and hopefully not last taste of this treat. We proceeded along trying to outrun the dark clouds that seemed to be all around us. About 15 miles from town, Phil and I commented that it seemed to be getting colder. Greg, our lead motorcycle rider said that it was 36 degrees … traveling at 25 mph, it seemed much colder. Then, with 10 miles remaining our minds started playing tricks on us. Or did they? All of a sudden we saw small white flecks floating around us. SNOW! As our parts slowly began to freeze we counted off the miles until we reached the hotel. We got in just in time as the snow flurries turned into a full blown snow storm. I am now warm from a very long shower as I ready myself what tomorrow will bring.




4 responses

6 04 2009
Mike B

Hmmmm? Your wife was waiting at the hotel after a week of separation, and it was a hot shower that warmed you? Are you leaving out details? 😉 Oh wait, it’s wife, not girlfriend. My bad. Proceed.

6 04 2009

ya at eeh…enjoy the dine people.

7 04 2009
Sue McGough

Your mom shared what you are doing and
Terry and I have really been enjoying your blog as well as Phil’s. We are big fans of his show. What a great experience…
It brings memories for me, as my sister and I did the MS ride 100 miles to Palm Springs.. It was quite a few years ago and my knees were stronger, but it too, was a great experience. We did it two years in a row and were the top fund raisers…something we remain very proud of. You should too.
We have a cousin with MS and she is an example of what research money can do. She has made more progress than we ever expected her to.
Have a safe rest of your ride.
God bless you,
Sue and Terry McGough

8 04 2009

I continue to be amazed to learn about who you are and who you are becoming. Your journaling has brought tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart.

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