Once in a lifetime experience

31 03 2009

We were hoping to wake today with the winds of yesterday at our back, but what the lord giveth, he at times can take away … and replace with a headwind.  We got a late start on our ride from Baker to Las Vegas as we sat hoping the winds would die down.  Today was going to be tricky as we had to ride 60  miles on interstate 15.  We were worried since we had driven part of it last night and noticed that where they were doing roadwork, the shoulder of the road was down to a few inches.  I had trouble sleeping as I was worried about dying on the section.  Luckily Phil and the support bike felt the same way.  We decided that if we needed to we would get a ride down this section.  On the way to the ride start however, we got a call from a man named Jim who was going to get us a CHP escort down the difficult section.  So after spending the first 2 hours riding up hill we reached the peak of Mountain Summit and met with the CHP officer.  To our amazement, he explained the plan.  He was going to set up a traffic break and we were going to get 15 miles of I 15 to the state line all to ourselves.  One of the most thrilling experiences of my life as Phil and I sat inches off our lead motorcycle screaming down the middle of the interstate looking back to see the black and white with traffic backed up behind him following us down.  There should be video up on it by tomorrow night on http://www.philridesacrossamerica.com.  I don’t know what he will put in it, but I was a little inappropriate with my humor at one point (big surprise), so parents, watch it first!  The rest of the ride was uneventful other than the finish.  It was so exciting to see my in laws waiting at the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign when we rolled into town.  I have missed family on the first 2 legs and finally got to see some friendly faces.  And better yet, they came with beer for the crew and some much needed supplies for us.  Off to bed as we have a long 130 miles tomorrow after a big press event in Las Vegas.  Thanks to all who have read to the end of my ramblings and a big thank you to those who have made donations to the MS Society on my behalf!




2 responses

31 03 2009
Laurie Van Ruiten

On his drive back to LA from Vegas on Monday, Ken reported a sighting of 2 cyclists being tracked by a film crew eastbound on the I15 out of Baker CA. What are the chances there are 2 other people crossing the California desert on 2 wheels? Looks like you’re still going strong. Pedal on!

2 04 2009
Tami Randolph

the boys and I check everyday to see what you are doing! What an insperation you are to my boys! THank you! 🙂

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