I heart tailwinds!

30 03 2009

What a difference a day makes. We woke this morning still not feeling rested from yesterday’s event. We started with a press event at a GNC store in Victorville. As Phil and I rode there from the hotel we noticed that we were cruising along easily at 28 miles per hour. We commented to each other that it would be nice if the wind was going in the direction that we were. We picked up 6 riders from the Victor Valley Cycling Club at GNC and headed on our way. Soon we realized that we were going to have the wind at our back. We were a bit worried knowing that we were going to have to spend a decent amount of time on I 15 today. The wind was gusting at times over 50 mph. As we were cruising down a frontage road we came to an area where the road was closed. At that moment a tremendous dust storm started and we were sandblasted for a few minutes. It was so bad the rear view mirrors on the lead motorcycle are now pitted. Not wanting to go back into the wind, we decided to walk to the freeway across a dirt field. The wind was so strong that we could not roll our bikes along, so we walked hanging onto them while they blew in the wind. We managed to hit 54 mph on a very slight downhill and 56 mph on a 2 percent downhill. Overall we did 106 miles in just over 4 hours averaging just under 26 mph. The wind gust also blew out one of the windows in the airstream trailers so I will be standing (sleeping) guard in it tonight. Please check out www.philridesacrossamerica.com for video of the winds!




One response

31 03 2009

Ben, what an amazing journey! Riding on the freeway with a police escort must have been a trip. I can’t wait to see the video.

Good luck today (Tuesday) I hear it’s going to be a tough long one.

Sending you and Phil all my support!


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