What a start

29 03 2009

An epic ride needed an epic beginning.  We started with over 100 people in Santa Monica and ended with 7 in Victorville.  In between anything that could go wrong went wrong.  We got lost at least 10 times and after leaving at 9:30 in the morning, we arrived at our hotel at 9 pm.  Yep, we did the last hour and 45 minutes in the DARK.  Needless to say, we are sore all over.  Tomorrow it is only 2 of us and we are hoping for an uneventful ride.  The course is mostly rolling and overall downhill.  Now it is off for some much needed sleep.




7 responses

29 03 2009
Akemi Rico

wow Ben, this is so great! That sounds like such a great adventure! I wish I could come! I just got back from my trip and I didn’t want to come home- will be living vicariously as much as I can! Wish you a safe journey…

29 03 2009
Your Wife

Very proud of you guys today! What a beautiful ride we had, and with the ‘right’ people, positive energy; just maybe a wee bit too long! Have a great time with John and the gang, know that I’ll be thinking of you and looking forwards to next Saturday. Please let me know if there are other items to ‘bring’ or to have delivered to you on Monday evening.
Love you and hope you sleep well!


29 03 2009
Mike B

I guess you all should have gotten a GPS sponsor! I look forward to reading more posts about the trip. I expect you to post more often than Hillary and Pete.

29 03 2009

I’m always glad to hear about these glitches after the fact…so glad you had that much support in the beginning. Hope the Sunday ride (today) is uneventful, but inspiring! My friends and I are with you in spirit!

30 03 2009
mark pickens

hey ben your ride looks like fun. mark

30 03 2009

Hang in there!

You are awesome!

30 03 2009
Tina Hertlein

That sounds rough for the 1st day. Hopefully it means easier days ahead. I’ll be thinking good weather ahead for you guys.

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